Why You Need To Have A Salt Lamp In Your Bedroom

Himalayan salt lamps are popular for a good reason. They are associated with an array of health benefits which is why most people have one in their bedroom. It is not uncommon to see salt lamps in living rooms either. Beyond what most people believe about them, some health benefit claims are false but there are a few genuine reasons why you would want to get a salt lamp.

1. Air Quality Improvement

Salt lamps are associated with halotherapy. They emit high levels of negative ions and there is some evidence that supports this practice. People with respiratory problems have shown positive reactions when undergoing halotherapy thus salt lamps in the bedroom make sense.

2. Can Improve Your Mood

As salt lamps emit negative ions, they can help improve your mood. This happens because negative ions increase serotonin levels which help in mood regulation. While no extensive studies have been done on the topic, most users that own a salt lamp stated that it boosted their mood. Certainly, this does not work the same on everyone but salt lamps do have a positive allure to them.

3. Soothing Effect

Himalayan salt has a distinctive color. When the lamp is made from Himalayan salt, it gets a soothing glow. Many owners of such lamps that use them in their bedroom report that it helps them fall asleep faster. Some even claim that it improves their sleep quality due to the negative ions that these lamps spread throughout the room.

4. They Look Pretty Cool

Salt lamps have a certain appeal to them. They are commonly seen in spa salons and it is no wonder why love them. They look quite cool and give a feng shui vibe to a room. The bedroom is the perfect place to have one. You can even add one to the bathroom or living room as they will certainly give a positive vibe to the whole aspect of the room.