8 Watercolor Portraits that look Magical

There’s something magical about watercolor portraits. When mixed with water, the colors appear vivid and vibrant, portraying what once was and made us happy. While traditional photographs are still popular among home designers and owners, including a watercolor portrait in your bedroom or living room can provide a personal, casual touch.

8 Watercolor Portraits that look Magical

If you are still unsure, let’s take a look at these eight charming watercolor portraits. Wouldn’t you want to capture your special moments in such an original, cozy style too?



1) Day at the Beach

This gorgeous watercolor portrait  depicts a cozy, familiar scene: A mother with her three children, taking a walk on the beach. The colors and texture of the painting make the picture look almost otherworldly.

2) Wedding

Weddings  are memorable, and thus couples might want a customized memory of such a special day. In this portrait, we see their love captured on a canvas for the rest of eternity. Each time they look at it, they will reminisce about their unforgettable day.

3) Love Is In The Air

Couples that have heartwarming pictures like this one are excellent candidates for watercolor portraits. With cold colors and a texture that makes the scene seem almost ethereal, the artist captures their love and affection in the drawing of the hug. Perfect for hanging in the living room.

4) Pets

Everyone who owns a pet knows how much love and gratitude they bring to our lives. Animal enthusiasts and lovers can have their pets portrayed in beautiful, realistic watercolor portraits. A daily reminder of how fortunate we are to have them.

5) Landscapes

Spiritual and adventurous souls might prefer landscape watercolor portraits. This one depicts a warm sunset in a small, cozy town. Having someone turn one of your photographs into a dreamy portrait can be the perfect self-care gift or home decor item.

6) Dreamy Houses

Along with landscapes, a watercolor portrait of the house of your dreams , or maybe the home you once grew up in can help you reminisce about cozy memories every time you look at it. Either way, this breathtaking painting provides a warm and colorful touch to any room.

7) Children

If there is one universal truth, it is that parents love portraits of their children. No matter the medium: traditional photography, drawings, cartoons, watercolor portraits… They want their little ones immortalized as what they once were, babies they loved and protected.

8) Our Loved Ones

This familiar and intimate portrait depicts an elderly with his dog. Besides being a cozy and personal scene, the realistic texture and vivid colors make it resemble a photograph, making it even more unique. One day, it will help family members remember their loved ones.