7 Indoor Seedlings To Highlight Your Home

1. Strawberry

Strawberries are great addition to any farmstand at home. Enjoy beautiful white, pink, and red flowers while waiting for those delicious red, juicy berries. The first harvest is at around 8 weeks with the final batch at 14 weeks. What’s more? You can grow them at most seasons except winter. Health benefits include Vitamins A and C, Calcium, Magnesium, Folate, and Iron.


2. Dwarf Cherry Tomatoes

The smallest of the tomato variety, dwarf cherry tomatoes would provide you with those bite-sized, red fruits for your consumption. Grow them during summer and spring seasons and expect those sweet, tiny fruits in 7 weeks with final harvest at 9 weeks. It is best to put your plantings at the bottom of your farmstand. Check out other planting and harvesting tips that are specially applicable for tomatoes for best harvest. Tomatoes are great sources of Vitamins C and K, Potassium, and Beta-Carotene, among others.


3. Romaine Lettuce

One of those great green, leafy vegetables that could never go wrong are lettuces and romaine is just one of its kind. You can grow them all year round in all seasons with first harvest in just 3 weeks and final one at 6 weeks. Romaine lettuces are grown as upright, full-length heads of dark greens which are great for wrap food recipes and Caesar salads.


4. Spinach

Spinach is a good choice to grow during the winter season for your green, leafy vegetable staple. Grow them at any level in your farmstand with first harvest at 4 weeks and the final one at 6 weeks. If used in salads, harvest as small leaves or baby spinach and at full grown if used as cooked green. Healthy benefits include Vitamins A, C, and K, as well as, Calcium, Iron, Folate, and Fiber.


5. Thyme

Herbs are always basic part of a garden whether indoor or not. And thyme is likewise a standard herb that growers plant. It’s a classic and perfect addition to make those rich and savory dishes, sauces, and marinades especially when paired with other herbs such as basil, sage and oregano. You can harvest when the stalks are at about 4-5 inches.


6. Italian Parsley

Another essential herb for any kitchen, parsley is usually used as garnish. It can be grown all-year round in mild climates with first harvest at 4 weeks and final one at 6 weeks. You can place them at any level in your home’s farmstand. Parsley is a good source of Vitamins C and K, Potassium, Folate, Iron and Zinc.


7. Alyssum

This charming plant features unique mixture of blossoms with varied hues. The flower petals are edible and can be used as garnish. They provide a kind of peppery flavor on dishes and salads. Grown during spring and available for harvest at 6 weeks.