The Best Way To Keep Your Bedroom Cool In Summer

Sometimes, summer nights feel unbearable. The heat in the bedroom makes it very difficult to sleep but there are a few ways to make the bedroom cooler. Some of these things are easier to do than others and some may prove to be more effective than others.

* Window film

There are special windows or glass films that you can install to keep cool your bedroom. These films can help block some of the light throughout the day, making the bedroom cooler as the night settles. Because the room does not heat up as much during the day, it will cool down much faster during the night.

* Get some house plants

Plants can help reduce the temperature in a room. They absorb heat and also maintain the air clean. You just need to care for them and if that is something you do not want on your mind, you may want to look at some other options.

* Change your light bulbs

Many people do not spend much time thinking about it but the type of lightbulbs you use makes a lot of difference. Old incandescent light bulbs heat up a lot. LED light bulbs operate at much lower temperatures.

* Get heavy curtains

Heavy curtains can help block some of the light and heat from outside. Since the sun rises up early in the summer, it will start heating up your bedroom. Having thick curtains can help block the light and the heat in the morning and throughout the day, making your bedroom cooler during the evening.

* Get a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan will not decrease the temperature in your bedroom per se but it will make the air much more pleasant. It does not have to be excessively big, it just needs to be quiet. Small fans that spin very fast tend to be noisy.