How To Mix Metal Designs At Home For A Beautiful Natural Look

1. Select a dominant metal type.

Select only a single metal type like stainless steel to dominate larger spaces, this is to ensure the home decor looks balanced.

2. Do not combine more than 2-3 different metals.

It is perhaps wise, to select one dominant metal with two complementary metals. When you choose three other metals, they should be distributed evenly within the home.

3. Ensure that the cool-hued metals and warm-hued metals are balanced.

To make your metals give a bright and interesting color expression, you would need to mix evenly, warm metal accents like a touch of gold, to a cool-hued metal, much like copper.

4. Mirrors can be used to mimic the reflective properties of a metal.

The mirrors will reflect your furniture and make the room seem more clear. In addition, the mirror accentuates the depth that metals impart to a room, and you can even be creative, to include a metal frame!

5. The color palette needs to match the metal.

Remember to always choose warm-hued metals like copper if the room has more warm colors. Conversely, for a cool colored environment, choose stainless steel. With a neutral palette environment, that includes colors like white or black, one can be liberal with how they would mix and match various hues.

6. Use furniture or flora to complement the different metals.

If you are worried about the mixed metals not looking good together, you can add small plants or a sculpture of the other metal color, that complements the previous color.

7. Ensure to merge the metal finishes.

If you’re interested in mixing several metal types, stay put with one metal, much like brass, and search for different finishes to bring about variety, while even allowing a consistent look.


After choosing the metals you would like to mix, there is also an option to mix metal finishes. Whether it is hammered copper or brushed stainless steel, there are a numerous variety of options to select from. That is why, you should not go overboard when mixing metals in your home, to create the desired look. Put simply, designing a home that looks timeless and elegant, means that you have to find the right balance of metals that complements each other.