7 Cool Cards To Gracellufy & Stylishly Welcome A Newborn

1. Hand-lettered Hello

Your newborn baby is precious, a miracle. Imagine having a beautiful birth announcement card that quotes the words of Harriet Beecher Stowe! The Hand lettered hello card is a beautifully designed card courtesy of Jennifer Postorino. It is the ideal card to pass a heartfelt message to your recipient.


2. Little Initial

Designed by Emily Kosouge

”I wish you could be here to welcome your new bundle of joy.” Enjoy this popularly beautiful birth announcement card quote among a host of your personalized messages, and share in your excitement as you anticipate the day ahead with this cool card.

The Little Initial birth announcement card allows you to add your message here before ordering your birth announcement cards. Furthermore, the shipping only takes 1-2 days and comes with loads of amazing offers.


3. Welcome To Earth Pink

Designed By Stacey Meacham Design

The Welcome to Earth card is the best birth announcement card because you can choose a particular quote you feel strongly about and even add a photo. By marking a birth announcement with a lovely personalized card, the recipient will know that you took the time to choose the perfect phrase for them.


4. Minimalist Welcome Pink

What better way to spread a newborn’s joy than with a personalized, premium birth announcement card? Yes, with the Rochelle Renee-designed Minimalist Welcome card, you make your birth announcement unique and define your gladness in your favorite photo at just under $2!


5. Classically Cool Baby

How do we celebrate the amazing moment of welcoming a newborn in style? Get the Classically cool baby cards and symbolize your joy with a class act!

Designed By Annie Walker Designs using premium quality paper in a cute & stylish design, the Classically cool baby card is a fantastic way to present your gift to your family and the world while expressing your undying love to your amazing little newborn.


6. Graceful Hello

As the name suggests, nothing best marks the birth of a newborn than a graceful hello. Using high-quality material designed with unrivaled experience and care, Melanie Kosuge (Designer) creates an amazing card to mark the occasion. This is the perfect card to welcome and celebrate the joy and happiness that comes with parenthood.

7. Grand Introduction Blue

Your son or daughter’s birthday is a joyous time. It marks the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship, and sharing the good news with family and friends will add to the pleasure. Grand Introduction (blue) card is a perfect way to help you celebrate this milestone. Kelly Schmidt Designs beautifully and specially designed premium quality cards with creatively cute colors on your birth announcement cards. Moreover, you can include your photos and even write a message to make a personalized card that’s truly your own.